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Ameristar Meats Videos


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Supporting Land Stewardship

Ameristar Meats partners with responsible ranchers like Brian and Deb Gotham to provide beef raised in a time-honored, traditional manner. In this video, Mitch Friedman, Executive Director of Conservation Northwest, says ranchers like the Gothams who are committed to keeping open spaces to raise cattle, provide the best compatibility for wildlife conservation.
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Cattle Drive

We are the largest proprietary meat processing company of our kind in the Northwest with 3 different locations. In this video, filmed in Republic, Wash., ranchers take great care herding the cattle to the lush green valleys for the season.
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State-of-the-Art Facility

Ameristar Meats built a state-of-the-art meat processing facility in Spokane, Wash. to better serve our customers. We invested in the latest technology to construct and engineer the facility to meet and exceed stringent safety requirements. Learn more about the facility in this video. 
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Delivering Quality, Consistency and Reliability

Our customers are foodservice operators including restaurants, healthcare facilities, hospitals, military installations and any other type of institutional food preparer. We also serve retail operations offering everything from top-end custom-cut steaks, fully-cooked deli meats, hot dogs and sausages.