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Ameristar Meats Sausage

Our full line of gourmet Old-World style sausages adds another component to your foodservice offerings or a complete line for your retail operation.

Andouille Sausage

Distinct and flavorful Spicy Hickory Smoked Pork Sausage. Traditional rich taste and is a versatile item. Use as a main dish or as ingredients in a variety of recipes.



Traditional blend of spices combined with lean pork in a natural casing to create a delicious smoked sausage bursting with flavor.


Beer Brat Sausage

Our Beer Brat Sausages are made in the old world tradition and are sizzling and juicy on the grill.

German Sausage

Classic Hickory Smoked Sausage produced from a blend of lean beef and pork with traditional spices for a tremendous Old World flavor profile.

Cheddar German Sausage

Our Classic Hickory Smoked German Sausage blended with a high quality Cheddar Cheese to create  delicious combination of flavors. Can be served as a main dish, appetizer or as an ingredient in any number of recipes.


Jalapeños Cheddar Smoked Sausage

Spicy and delicious combination of rich cheddar cheese, mild jalapeños blended into our classic Hickory Smoked German sausage recipe. A unique flavor profile with just the right amount of heat for all tastes. Great breakfast and appetizer item.

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A delicious and spicy smoked sausage created with lean beef and pork that is the perfect balance of flavor, spices and heat for all tastes.

I​talian Griller Sausage

Our own unique and delicious version of an old favorite that combines the perfect blend of spices with lean pork for an always popular menu item. Perfect ingredient for any number of traditional ethnic recipes and can be featured as a main dish as well.

Hot Italian Sausage

A bold and delicious blend of lean pork and spices combine to create a classic flavor for use in all those recipes looking for a little more flair. Can be used as an ingredient or served as a main dish or sandwich with equal success.

Sweet Italian Sausage

A classic and mild sausage that combines lean pork and spices to create a delicious and authentic-flavored sausage perfect for a wide variety of applications.


English Banger Sausage

A traditional European favorite sausage that combines lean pork, spices and bread crumbs to create that classic taste. Perfect for the well known “Bangers & Mash” dish as well as a great breakfast item. Perfect fit for brew pubs everywhere.

Southwest Sausage

A spicy and flavorful Hickory Smoked sausage that features lean beef and pork combined with unique blend of spices to create a sizzling full flavored item for a variety of applications.

Polish Sausage

Classic smoked sausage that is a blend of lean beef and pork combined with spices including black pepper and subtle hint of garlic to create an authentic rich flavor.

Old Fashioned Beef Franks

Traditional Old World flavor created with a blend of lean steak trimmings and spices and packed in a natural casing to create that authentic “Old Fashioned” hot dog. Hickory Smoked and bursting with full rich flavor that reminds you of the lazy days of summer... baseball and outdoor grilling season.